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  • Retro styled 2D shoot 'em up
  • Multiple layers of parallax for that retro vibe 
  • 24 maps split over 6 levels
  • 7 Graphical themes
  • 3 main player weapons each with multiple power levels
  • Multiple types of rockets and missiles
  • 4 types of external weapon systems
  • Weapons shop between levels
  • Game progress can be saved

Iridium is a retro styled 2D shoot 'em up taking inspiration from: Uridium, Xenon 2 Mega Blast and Nemesis / Gradius. Each game in its own right is considered a classic by many people. Each offered some very unique features including massive ships, upgrade shops, in-level upgrades and a multitude of weapons.

The game is a multi-directional shoot 'em up where the player is allowed free movement around the level in a similar manner to Uridium. Unlike Uridium there are many weapon and ship upgrades available to purchase during each level. Later in-between levels the player visits the upgrade shop where more powerful weapon blueprints are available.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this Iridium you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Iridium v1.05b.7z 532 MB

Download demo

Iridium Demo.7z 253 MB

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The Demo don't work for me, even not with installed DirectX 10  from June 2010. :-(

I'm only getting following message when starting game: "Failed - Unable to open main window" (Windows 7 - SP1).

Iridium requires DirectX 11 inorder to run. Can you send me the log.txt file from the game directory?

Sure, but I would like to do it via E-Mail. So what's your adress?

I already have installed DX11 but it seems that some files are missing in the download, because...

Init Ok...
Create D3D11 Device... 11_0 Ok
Create Sampler Manager... OK
Create Shader Manager... ERROR loading "data/shaders/sprite plasma.ps" - The file was not found.
ERROR loading "data/shaders/sprite acid.ps" - The file was not found.
ERROR loading "data/shaders/sprite psychedelix.ps" - The file was not found.

(1 edit)

Those shaders are not used/included and are not the problem. 

You should have mail. I've planned to show your game demo in our liveshow on our Twitch-Channel. Let's hope that we can manage it without bigger circumstances.

Got your email, looking into it now :)
Will get back to you ASAP.

Oldskool Lightwave modelling :)


Well spotted :) Lightwave was used to produce virtually all the animated ships and ground targets throughout the game. 


Windoze is a very obsolete, bloated, slow and obscure operating system, i simply don't use it... - where can we find builds for GNU/Linux, OSX, etc?

At the minute there are no plans for Linux or OSX. Our artist however uses 'Parallels desktop' on his Mac to run it without any issues. 'DXVK' on Linux will probably also work.