A downloadable Iridium

NEW official demo and available before Steam!

  • Retro styled 2D shoot 'em up
  • Multiple layers of parallax for that retro vibe 
  • 18 levels split over 6 sectors
  • 3 main player weapons each with multiple power levels
  • Multiple types of rockets and missiles
  • 4 types of external weapon systems
  • Weapons shop between sectors
  • Game progress saves
  • Epic original music score

Iridium is retro styled 2D shoot 'em up taking inspiration from: Uridium, Xenon 2 Mega Blast and Nemesis / Gradius. Each game in its own right is considered a classic by many people. Each offered some very unique features including massive ships, upgrade shops, in-level upgrades and a multitude of weapons.

The game is a horizontal shoot 'em up where the player is allowed free movement around the level in a similar manner to Uridium. Unlike Uridium there are many weapon and ship upgrades available to purchase during each level. Later in-between levels the player visits the upgrade shop where more powerful weapon blueprints are available.

Install instructions

DirectX 11 hardware required.
Make sure to have installed DirectX June 2010.
Joypads etc need to be on and connected before running the game.


Iridium Demo.zip 343 MB

Development log