A downloadable Iridium

  • Retro styled 2D shoot 'em up
  • Multiple layers of parallax for that retro vibe 
  • 18 levels split over 6 sectors
  • 3 main player weapons each with multiple power levels
  • Multiple types of rockets and missiles
  • 4 types of external weapon systems
  • Weapons shop between sectors
  • Game progress saves
  • Epic original music score

Iridium is retro styled 2D shoot 'em up taking inspiration from: Uridium, Xenon 2 Mega Blast and Nemesis / Gradius. Each game in its own right is considered a classic by many people. Each offered some very unique features including massive ships, upgrade shops, in-level upgrades and a multitude of weapons.

The game is a horizontal shoot 'em up where the player is allowed free movement around the level in a similar manner to Uridium. Unlike Uridium there are many weapon and ship upgrades available to purchase during each level. Later in-between levels the player visits the upgrade shop where more powerful weapon blueprints are available.

Install instructions

DirectX 11 hardware required.


Iridium KS Demo Installer.exe 90 MB

Development log