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A frantic new 2d shoot em up with huge levels and truly massive enemy ships. · By Nebula-Design


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So close
Exciting times ahead :) The Kickstarter will start at the beginning of February this year. The launch demo is 99% complete and will feature all 3 stages of leve...
Latest WIP video
Ive not posted a new video for a while so there are a lot of enhancements. The latest being: destroyed ground target GFX and a big updated to the screen edge ra...
Much more polished gravity crash of medium enemy ships
Much more polished gravity crash of a multi part enemy ship multiple levels of damage engine smoke trails engine occasional explosions when damaged shadow heigh...
New medium to large enemy ships
Latest multi clip video showing some of the new medium to large enemy ships :)...
WIP - Mult part enemy ships
WIP video showing the new multi part enemy ship system. The graphics used are place holders I put together using Tiled (map editor). Since this video I have imp...
Latest WIP multi part video
Iridium has progressed a lot over the last few months. Here is a video showing clips from all 3 stages of level 1 and the start of level 2. There is a shop sec...
WIP - Secondary fire / Rocket attack runs
Images 1 and 2 show the before and after rocket attack. The other image which shows something similar is from level...